RED Program

RED Program

Reality Education for Drivers, also known as “The RED” program, is just one of the many traffic safety and injury prevention programs offered by the Brazos Valley Injury Prevention Coalition (BVIPC) & Statewide Initiatives, through at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and with the support of the Texas Department of Transportation. The RED program’s primary goal is to steer young drivers toward safer driving habits and away from possible citations while on the road – to drive sober, safely, securely and within the speed limits. The class curriculum is designed to help participants change their attitudes about the choices they make, so in turn, they will want to change their behaviors by making better choices when traveling, either behind the wheel or as passengers.

Why BVIPC & Statewide Initiatives Offers the RED Program: Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 15- to 25-year-olds. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, this age group continuously has the highest fatality and injury rates. Teenagers are involved in three times as many fatal crashes than any other drivers on the road. The BVIPC & Statewide Initiatives program  is committed to reducing these numbers of  preventable crashes that result in fatalities and serious injuries.


The RED program is a FREE, one-day class, focusing on traffic safety and injury prevention for drivers ages 15-25 who have exhibited unsafe behaviors relative to the highest risks factors: Impaired, Drowsy and Distracted Driving, Speeding and Seatbelt Misuse.

Standard classes are five hours in length that include information-based presentations, guest speakers, educational resources, interactive discussions about current traffic safety trends, and impactful videos that deliver the realities of actual traffic incidents – stories of fatalities and serious injuries that have changed lives forever. A video tour of CHI St. Joseph’s Regional Health’s Emergency/Trauma Center and the morgue, and/or Odessa’s Memorial Center Hospital, hosted by the hospitals’ professional staffs are insightful features of the class.

Most classes are conducted in a Zoom format, while some In-Person classes have been added and held in compliance with COVID health and safety guidelines. While many of the RED program participants are Class C Misdemeanor offenders referred by Municipal Judges and Justices of the Peace statewide, classes are open to anyone, of any age, who have not received citations. In fact, attending the RED program just might prevent drivers, young and older, from receiving those unwanted citations!

If class participants are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian is recommended to attend with them, and dress codes are enforced for all RED Class attendees. A “Policies and Guidelines” overview is provided with each inquiry.

The RED Program Team is available to conduct programs statewide, either via Zoom or In-Person. If time constraints prevent schools, organizations, clubs or agencies from hosting the full 5-hour class, we welcome the opportunity to visit with representatives about how we can customize a presentation to meet the priority needs of specific communities or groups. Parent-focused presentations are also available.

For Registration Information:

To request the RED Program “Policies and Guidelines” and a Registration Form, or for more information, contact Mary Jo Prince at or call  979-321-5225, or contact Pam Todaro at or call 979-321-5245. Class pre-registrations are required, with Zoom links and additional access information for both Zoom and In-Person classes emailed to registrants the week before the class. (Please note: “Zoom-In” or “Walk-In” participants will not be admitted the day of the classes. Advance registrations are required. No exceptions.)


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