child-safety-seat-technicianThe Please Be Seated program…

is aimed at getting the attention of parents who are not restraining their children in their vehicles. When a parent is spotted driving around with an unrestrained child in his/her vehicle, a specially designed postcard with the date, time and vehicle license number can be mailed to the Texas Department of Transportation District office in Bryan, Texas. TxDOT will then send out a letter informing the parent/caregiver that they have been identified as driving with an unrestrained child in their vehicle. The parents will be provided with educational information as well as a list of local child passenger safety technicians that can help determine the safest way to transport their child.

Please Be Seated postcards are available at many public locations within the Brazos Valley including the Department of Public Safety, libraries, pediatrician offices, courthouses, and local law enforcement offices.

The sponsoring partners include the the Brazos Valley Injury Prevention Coalition and the Texas Department of Transportation. The program is intended to bring attention to the need for children to be correctly restrained on every trip.